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Blend in with nature in a unique luxury accommodation complex by the enchanting lakes of Plitvice. The ways to travel have changed and we no longer search for a simple vacation. We no longer want to meet new cultures. We desire to blend in immerse ourselves into local cultures, feel the nature and live in it without having to sacrifice the perks of the modern world.

Location: Plitvice Lakes National Park Croatia


  • Accommodation in a 5* luxury glamping resort in Plitvice Lakes National Park

Being a perfect fusion of glamour and camping, glamping is a way to discover destinations from a completely different angle in a  unique accommodation which allows guests to truly feel the destination and get a lifetime experience without sacrificing comfort.


  • Private transfer with air conditioned high class vehicle from the local airport to the glamping resort and return
  • Exclusive Tour of Plitvice Lakes National Park with a local guide
  • One Day Visit to the Capitol Zagreb
  • Sunset romance in Zadar
  • Zrmanja River Rafting
  • All you may need

Extra services and costs which are not in the program as well as any personal expenses.

Please keep in mind that all tours are subjected to weather conditions and could be altered/cancelled in case of an unfavorable weather.

General terms and conditions that apply to this travel arrangement will be sent to you upon your confirmation and at the booking moment. Please study it carefully so that we can clarify any concerns in a timely manner.

The Glamping Resort – Blend in With Nature
Enjoy spending vacation in a unique place where stunning nature meets modern luxury and they coexist in a perfect union providing their guests with the best features from both worlds. Luxurious treehouses with their elegant interior design perfect for comfort and relaxation provide a perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature while enjoying beautiful surroundings up in the tree which guarantee s privacy and offers a pleasant shade during hot weather. Unique lake houses with their comfortable interior, elegant décor and charming ambiance for a unique but sophisticated escape from the bustle of everyday life and reconnection with nature. Located by the lake most of these have direct access to the lake, which includes a small beach as well, so that during hot summer days guests can cool down in the shade of magnificent trees and connect with nature on their doorstep!

Feel the Nature Luxurious five starred lake houses and tree houses provide all the perks of the modern living while allowing you to comfortably sit back and let the nature flow through you. Terrace seating area cozy bedrooms completely equipped kitchen strong Internet access and working area for bussines travellers all this wrapped up in a unique natural enviroment of the national park. Truly a unique luxurious accommodation in the heart of a wild natural beauty.


The glamping complex is perfectly situated in the very heart of wild nature which allows its guests to enjoy and disconnect from the wild rhythm of the modern everyday life and try to breathe in and out together with nature. There are plenty of activities in the area such as hiking trails raindeer farm archery but there are also some must do’s, too.

Plitvice Lakes Nations Park – A UNESCO Enlisted Area of Extraordinary Beauty
A natural wonder of 16 lakes connected to each other through wild rapids and waterfalls is a must see while visiting this area. Enjoy exploring the park with a local guide and learn everything about the importance of preservation of nature.

Zagreb – Visit the Capitol
A relatively short ride away towards north you’ll find the capitol of Croatia the magnificent Zagreb with all its glory and stories waiting to be revealed. Spend the day exploring this amazing city and its rich history and culture. Enjoy a walking tour with a local guide and free time for shopping.

Zadar – Sea Organ Concert and Romantic Sunsets
Explore the historic core of Zadar, a city that has a lot to offer. Enjoy visiting a unique monument Sea Organ. Sit back on the seafront of Zadar and listen to a unique concert played by waves of the Adriatic Sea Make sure to stick around until the sunset and witness the most romantic scenery on the monument created as an appreciation to the Sun.

Zrmanja River Rafting
Refreshing waters of the breathtaking Zrmanja River will highlight your vacation in Croatia. Enjoy 5 hours of pure adventure as you raft down the rapids of Zrmanja. Enjoy the scenery along the way and have an unforgettable time in amazing natural surroundings.



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