Article 1 

These terms and conditions establish the procedure for ordering, paying and using the services offered on the Travel Croatia d.o.o. website. The aforementioned website can be used for internal purposes and is made available free of charge in accordance with the terms and conditions defined herein. 

Travel Croatia d.o.o. (hereafter: Travel Croatia) is the Provider, whereas any party who fills out the electronic order form, sends it to the Provider via website and executes the payment by credit or debit card (hereafter: payment card) is the Customer. 

The commodity that is the object of the sale are services offered on the Travel Croatia website (transfer, excursion, tour, cruise, hereafter: service). 

Travel Croatia undertakes to respect the privacy of all its Customers and to refrain from making their confidential data available to third parties and using them for marketing purposes, except with the prior consent of the Customer. 

Travel Croatia collects only those data necessary to fulfill orders. All Customer data are strictly protected and accessible only to those Travel Croatia employees who require those data to carry out their responsibilities. All Travel Croatia employees and business partners are obliged to comply with the privacy policy. 



Article 2 

The Customer shall order the service by means of an online order form that is provided on the Travel Croatia website. 

Any person ordering at least one service, providing the requested information and sending the order via website is considered a Customer. 

All prices are final, expressed in euro (EUR). Value added tax (VAT) is incorporated into the price stated the website. 

The Customer shall bear no additional costs for the realization of services ordered via the website. 

The ordering process is as follows: 

  1. The Customer selects one of the services presented on the website 

  1. The Customer fills out the form for the selected service, entering the information regarding the date and time of service start (transfer, excursion, tour, cruise), number of persons, possibly first and last names of these persons; 

  1. The system confirms the availability of the service and provides the Customer with the final overview of all the information entered before the final order confirmation; 

  1. The Customer confirms the order and enters the information regarding the payment card in the T-Com PayWay service for payment processing; 

  1. The T-Com PayWay service authorizes the payment card, and the processing result is made available to the Travel Croatia website, where it is also presented to the Customer. 

The service which is the object of the sale is considered ordered when the Customer selects it, confirms the payment modality and successfully finalizes the credit and/or debit card authorization process. 

Upon the finalization of the ordering process, the Customer is provided with a voucher that serves as proof of purchase and payment. 

The voucher contains the following information, which clearly define the ordered service and the clients: voucher number, name of service ordered, date of service use (date of departure), service price, and number of persons. The voucher also possibly contains the following additional data: time of service use (departure time), date of service expiration, time of service expiration, first and last names of Users, and place of departure. 

The cancellation of the ordered service is regulated by the General Terms and Conditions. 



Article 3 

Ordered products or services are paid online, by means of one of the following credit and/or debit cards: MasterCard®, Maestro® or Visa®, American Express®, Diners® through the WSPay service. 

Travel Croatia charges the Customer’s card immediately upon the executed transaction. 


Article 4 

The services contained in the order form and stated on the voucher may be used as follows: the provided voucher serves as reservation and proof of purchase, i.e. as a ticket for the selected service (transfer, excursion, tour, cruise). 

The Customer shall submit the voucher to a Travel Croatia representative upon their arrival at the place of embarkation. 

The voucher may be used only once. 

In the event that the voucher is lost, it shall be reissued at the request of the Customer, in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions. For this purpose, the Customer shall contact Travel Croatia with the request to reissue the voucher. 



Article 5 

The credit card is charged in Euro (€). The monetary amount expressed in Euro that the Customer is charged on their credit card shall be converted into the Customer’s national currency by the Customer’s card company, which shall apply the valid foreign exchange list of the Customer’s country. Thus, minor deviations from the prices expressed in euro and stated on our website are possible. 



Article 6 

Travel Croatia undertakes to protect the personal data of the Customers by collecting only the basic information about the Customers/Clients, i.e. those data that are necessary to fulfill our obligations; it informs the Customers about the manner in which the collected data is used; it regularly provides the Customers with the option to decide how their data will be used, including the option to request that their name be removed from lists that are used for marketing campaigns. 

All Customer data are strictly protected and accessible only to those Travel Croatia employees who require those data to carry out their responsibilities. All employees and business partners of Travel Croatia are responsible for observing the principle of privacy protection. 

Users of services provided by Travel Croatia shall submit their personal data on a voluntary basis. Users’ personal data are necessary for the provision of requested services and shall be used for further communication (e.g. letter of intent, payment instruction, notification on the provision of service). Travel Croatia shall undertake not to export the users’ personal data out of the country or transfer them to any third parties other than the partners participating in the provision of the contracted service (e.g. hotel, transportation company, border police) unless it shall be legally obliged to do so. 

The personal data of users shall be stored in a database, in accordance with the Data Storage Policy. A complaint with regard to the processing of personal data for the marketing purposes shall not influence the contracting and/or provision of any requested service. 



Article 7 

A travel is canceled because of a higher power, that is unusual or unpredictable events, which the organizer cannot influence or was able to avoid. Higher power does not include overbooking, but includes state orders, strikes, wars or crisis situations similar to wars, epidemics, natural disasters, etc. 

If TRAVEL CROATIA significantly alters the itinerary, accommodation, or the price before the travel, they have to notify the traveler about it in writing. The traveler can within 2 work days from receiving a notification from TRAVEL CROATIA either accept the changed itinerary or refuse it. In case of not accepting, TRAVEL CROATIA is obligated to refund the paid amount to the traveler. In case of accepting, TRAVEL CROATIA considers the substitute arrangement offered to the traveler the new travel contract, and the traveler gives up all claims towards TRAVEL CROATIA from any legal standpoint which would arise from the original contract. 

If TRAVEL CROATIA did not provide most of the arranged services, or if they estimate they would not be able to ensure most of the arranged services, TRAVEL CROATIA can at their own expense, with the traveler’s approval, change the program for the rest of the travel, and refund the traveler if necessary for the difference in price between agreed and provided services. With the written consent from the traveler, TRAVEL CROATIA can replace the non-provided services with another service, and the traveler waives the right to a claim from TRAVEL CROATIA for the part of the travel agreed and changed in this way, in relation to the signed Travel contract. 

TRAVEL CROATIA is authorized to cancel the contract either completely or partly with a one-sided statement, without obligation to refund the traveler for the damages, if there are outer sudden and unforeseen circumstances which could not be prevented, avoided or removed, and which would have been, if they had existed when the travel contract was being made, justified reason for TRAVEL CROATIA not to make the contract. In that case, the traveler has the right for a complete refund of paid amount, or the difference in price between agreed and provided services. 

TRAVEL CROATIA retains the right to cancel the travel, 5 days before the travel starts at the latest, if the travel was canceled by the travel organizer for which TRAVEL CROATIA was an intermediary in the sale of the arrangement in question, if a certain travel did not have the necessary number of applied travelers for the arrangement to be made, or for another valid reason. 

TRAVEL CROATIA retains the right to change the date or time of the travel because of a change in flight schedule, or because of unforeseen circumstances, right to change the travel direction if the travel conditions change (change in flight schedules, safety situation in a certain country, environmental disasters or other situation which TRAVEL CROATIA cannot influence) and without a refund, in accordance to valid regulations in domestic and international traffic. 

TRAVEL CROATIA does not take responsibility for changes due to unforeseen circumstances and higher power during the travel. In that case it can ensure services with regards to the new situation. TRAVEL CROATIA is not responsible for possible mistakes in the printing of the itinerary as a part of brochures/catalogs, as well as wrong data entry by operators on TRAVEL CROATIA’s web-site. 



Article 8 

If the traveler cancels the paid travel, the agency retains the following from the full price: 

– For cancellation up to 60 days before travel the organizer charges 40% of the arrangement price 

– for cancellation from 60 to 41 days before travel 60% of the arrangement price 

– for cancellation from 40 to 31 days before travel 80% of the arrangement price 

– for cancellation from 30 to 0 days before travel 100% of the arrangement price 

– after the travel starts and “no show” 100% of the arrangement price